Friday, 5 June 2015

3 Essential Adobe tools for every business

When people hear the name ‘Adobe’ they usually think of PDF and Photoshop – two of Adobe’s most commonly used products. But that’s not all that Adobe has to its name! Adobe is an American multinational software company that focuses on developing multimedia software products. Since the last three decades Adobe with its innovative products in digital marketing and digital solutions has been able to assist businesses transform the manner in which they can cultivate an environment of exploration for achieving business success. Though the brand has several niche products that have been developed keeping specific industries and clients in mind, some of their products are better known for the edge they give to businesses!

The 3 Adobe tools every business should have!

Adobe Acrobat : ‘Welcome to the world of PDF Reader!’ That’s probably what the developers of Adobe Acrobat said to the world in the early nineties. Businesses today involve interactions between developers, designers, marketers, and clients through emails and other channels, that gets challenging, especially when graphics are involved. Using Adobe Acrobat PDF, one can email documents with graphics and text by simply posting files to any website without having programming knowledge. User friendly and easy-to-use , organizations prefer to use PDF as the standard electronic document distribution format for its compact file size, built-in-navigational features and the fact that it comes for free!

Adobe Illustrator: Visual impact is probably the first thing that attracts a person. Businesses therefore have comprehended the value designers can add. Businesses require designers throughout its life for creating logos, graphics, illustrations, charts, graphs, diagrams, banners etc. If one wants a single platform to meet all of the above requirements, then Adobe Illustrator is the best choice. Adobe Illustrator is a vector based drawing program, used for painting, drawing and providing control over typography. Used worldwide, it makes the vector graphics scalable to any proportion without losing quality of picture.

Adobe CQ5: In large organizations, it’s very difficult to manage websites across multiple platforms. Businesses have recognized the need for a tool which can manage everything from one source. Adobe CQ5 is probably the right solution to the situation. A web content management system, it allows editing, managing, optimizing and creating websites across multiple platforms such as web, social, mobile and more. The platform is flexible to integrate with third party tools, e-Commerce solution etc. and hence used by organizations all over the world.

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