Thursday, 12 February 2015

Why your Resume gleams with the Cisco CCNA certification!

Perception. Value. Returns.

Those there words can easily sum up what a learner tries to discover before enrolling for a certification program. With numerous IT certifications available in the market, each trying to outshine the other with its scope and learning methods, it seems that there is no end to competition. So why is it that in spite of all the dilemma and options available, the Cisco CCNA certification (Cisco-Certified Network Associate) has emerged as one of the most vouched for and sought after certification programs worldwide?

Started in 1998, these certification programs are designed to add benefit to both the employer and the employee. Whether as an IT professional you are a Cisco user or not, this is one networking certificate that will always be a shining star on your Resume!

3 Reasons why the CCNA certification adds value to your Resume

Career Advancement: No harm in acknowledging this as the most important reason to pursue the CCNA certification! Research has shown that IT professionals with CCNA certification have been able to get better salaries and job profiles, with scope for promotions and job changes as well.

Knowledge: The scope for professional improvement doesn’t come simply by adding CCNA behind your name in your resume. What adds value to it is the knowledge one gains with the CCNA certification. The certification qualifies one to professionally work as network technicians and support engineers. From knowledge of network design to providing troubleshooting service, improve network performance and security, this certification holistically prepares one for enterprise networking!

Industry Reputation and Recognition: It goes without saying, but being CCNA certified is going to bring your resume to the limelight. Considering that in this digital world, recruiters use social networking site, job portals etc. to identify potential candidates, they often filter candidates by such prestigious certificates. It is as such quite common to see CCNA certified Cisco users adding it in their resumes to gain distinctive advantage over others. Moreover considering that not everyone who writes the exam qualifies it, it is indeed an achievement if one is able to earn the certificate.
It has been seen that Cisco users and organizations using Cisco products and services show preference to resumes with CCNA certification and often sponsor the certification program for high-potential employees. After all every organization wants to build a culture of learning and continuous improvement and this action is a mutually beneficial situation.

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